The Only Truly Open MRI Scanner

Patients can be scanned in a sitting position or in the conventional recumbent position although the head is able to be elevated because of the open top design of the scanner. This multi-positional MRI system accommodates an unrestricted range of motion for flexion, and extension. Previously uncomfortable scanning positions can be made more comfortable due to the open front design of the scanner allowing the patient to sit in their natural position without having to conform to the table. Most body parts can be scanned in weight-bearing positions.

Scanning patients in a weight bearing position allows for the scan to be performed with the spine under pressure like you normally are every day. This position and the flexion and extension positions that only Stand-Up Open MRI is capable of doing will show the instability of the spine much better than a conventional lie down scan.

The Stand-Up MRI is the only truly open scanner, making it the most non-claustrophobic whole-body MRI scanner. Patients can walk into the MRI, sit for their scans, and then walk out. From the patient’s point of view, the magnet’s front-open and top-open design provides an unprecedented degree of comfort because the scanner allows the patient an unobstructed view of the scanner room and the 55 inch big screen television from inside the magnet.